Student Dormitory


Kasseler Str. 37 &

Dresdener Str. 25

28215 Bremen




Townside Hostel Bremen

Am Dobben 61-62

28203 Bremen

T +49 (0)421 78015

F +49 (0)421 704091









ACCOMMODATION – For visiting students, the University of the Arts Bremen has three 2-bedroom-apartments in a hall of residence (student dormitory). Please ask the International Office for further information. Since Bremen is a university city with two universities and several universities for applied sciences, there are many students in town, which means that the demand for inexpensive accommodation is high. Therefore, please start looking for rooms or apartments in due time (2-3 months before you move). Useful websites are or The International Office will also provide help regarding private accommodation.


For short stays – Or for late night or  weekend arrivals, we recommend the Townside Hostel Bremen (city centre).


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