Office at Speicher XI

R 1.10.030

T 0421-9595-1060

Office at Dechanatstraße

R K.21

T 0421-9595-1061










AStA – The students' union executive committee is a political body acting on behalf of students' interests. You can contact the AStA if you have ideas or suggestions concerning the manner of teaching, questions about study programmes, problems with professors or if you are simply not sure who to contact about a specific matter. The opening hours are displayed on the doors of the AStA. They have a room in both faculty buildings, Speicher XI and Dechanatstraße. You can also borrow various objects from the AStA in the Faculty of Music such as tools, a bicycle repair-kit, a recording device and DJ equipment. You can also buy note blocks here.


AStA also organises a soccer team. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their talent or technical expertise.

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