Campus Office Music

Patrick Köhn

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R 0.23

Monday - Friday



Campus office Art & Design

Simone Horschak

T 0421 9595-1207

Claudia Kessler

T 0421 9595-1206

Speicher XI

R 4.14.050

Monday, Wednesday


Tuesday, Thursday


or by arrangement







To get information on the courses offered at HfK go to the HfK application portal On the left hand side, go to the respective faculty and choose your study programme. On the left hand side, go to “Course Catalogue”, where you will find all courses offered. Here, the link English speaking students welcome will bring you to an overview of all courses in which English speaking visiting students can also participate. The students should introduce themselves (accompanied by their tutor if necessary) to the professor of a course and can then join the course. No further registration is needed. At the end of the semester your teacher will sign a so-called Schein as proof of passing the class. If there are questions about the courses, please feel free to contact the Campus Office for the Faculty of Music or the Campus Office for the Faculty of Art and Design.

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