DE-REGISTRATION AT HFK – For de-registering at HfK, you go to the registrar´s office at Speicher XI. The office staff will hand out the necessary forms for de-registration.


PAPER WORK AT INTERNATIONAL OFFICE – In order to obtain your semester at HfK Bremen you have to hand a certificate of attendance (so called Schein) at International Office for each of the classes you have attended. Since not all courses are graded at the HfK, you should inform teachers that you do need credit points and grades for your home university. On the form, ECTS points and/or grades should be filled in if necessary (but only according to the German grading system!). As soon as the International Office has received all the Scheine your Transcript of Records will be issued and than send to your home university.


HOUSEHOLD BOX – Please immediately return your household box to the International Office after moving out of the student dormitory. Before returning the box must be complete, cleaned and washed. After retuning you will get back your deposit.


KEY CARD – Before leaving HfK please return your key card to the person you have received it of.






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