Bibliothekstraße 1 Building GW2
3rd floor

28359 Bremen

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GERMAN COURSES – If available, visiting students are offered a free German course by and at the Bremen’s foreign language center (FZHB). To match the students to the appropriate courses there is a placement test (online or on location) at the start of each semester. Visiting students will be accompanied to the placement test at the FZHB. There is also a self‐learning centre where materials for individual learning are provided.


CENTER FOR SELF-EDUCATION – In the centre for self-education, German and other languages can be learned with the help of computer software. Facilities in Dechanatstraße are located in the basement, room K02a. There are six computers with internet connection. Get the key from the porter. Everyone working in the lab needs to have a key! The door needs to be locked when everyone is finished.

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