Radio and TV Tax Administration

ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio


50656 Köln

T 01806 999-55510

20 Cent/call landline

60 Cent/call mobile

Monday - Friday 7:00 - 19:00









RADIO TAX – In Germany, a contribution to the public radio/TV stations (broadcasting fee) of approx. EUR 17.50 per month has to be paid by each household even if there is no radio or TV in the flat (a smartphone or a PC counts as radio or TV). You need to register your flat online so the tax can be paid. Once you have registered as a citizen in Bremen, you will receive a letter to your Bremen address requesting you to pay the contribution. For shared flats, the contribution has only to be paid once (meaning you share the amount with your flatmates and one of you makes the payment),




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