SHOPPING – In Bremen, there are many types of shopping facilities with an extensive offer of groceries, fashion and other essentials. To give you an idea where to go for which need, the most common concerns are listed down below.


Discounters – Like ALDI, LIDL, Netto or Penny sell a wide variety of groceries for good value/a cheap price.


Supermarkets – Like Edeka, Rewe or Alnatura (supermarket for organic food) sell nearly everything you need as well as more specific and unusual groceries. In most cases they are more expensive than discounters.


Weekly Market – All around Bremen you can find weekly markets, where they sell fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, fish and meat.

Check out this link to find the closest marked to your place bremen.de/wochenmaerkte


Drugstores – Like Müller, Rossmann, DM sell cosmetics, health care products and sometimes organic food. Please note that in Germany, drugstores don’t sell pharmacy medicines – for painkillers or prescribed drugs go to the Pharmacy. Pharmacies in Germany are branded with a big red letter A.


Fashion – H&M, Mango, C&A, New Yorker, Zara, Pull and Bear and many of little boutiques and shopping malls.


Electronics – Media Markt, Euronics, Saturn sell electronical and technical appliances as well as German SIM cards for your smartphone.


BIKES – A good source for a cheap run around are the local flea markets. You will also find good offers online at ebay-kleinazeigen. Or you buy a second hand bike at your local bike shop. We can recommend Werkstatt Bremen Fahrräder at Diedrich-Wilkens-Straße 49/53, 28309 Bremen.





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